Care and feeding of your silver jewelry

Sterling silver and fine silver will tarnish over time, and may tarnish at different rates based on the wearer’s body chemistry. Luckily, silver is easy to clean. Clean silver jewelry can be stored with an anti-tarnish tab (included in every order) which will help prevent tarnish for months.

To clean your silver jewelry:

  • Dish soap and water can remove any build up on your silver, but will not effectively remove tarnish. Follow up with a gentle silver cleaning solution or silver cleaning cloth to polish and shine.
  • A silver cleaning solution (we love Hagerty’s Silver Foam) will clean and remove tarnish and should be safe for gemstones (read instructions to be sure). If you are concerned with residue, rinse with dish soap and water after polishing.
  • A solution of hot water and baking soda can remove tough tarnish. Check out our blog for instructions.
  • Silver cleaning cloths are inexpensive and a great option for chains, especially chains with pearls which are sensitive to cleaners – gently pull the chain through the cloth and you’ll notice a difference right away.

A quick Google search will turn up a number of DIY at-home tricks for removing tarnish including using toothpaste; toothpaste will remove tarnish, but note that a paste with abrasives can mar the surface of some silver. We compared some different methods of cleaning silver here, including a silver cleaning cloth, silver cleaning solution, and water and baking soda.seashore design studio silver care and cleaning

Swim or bathe in your jewelry at your own risk, and use caution if choosing to sleep wearing it. Seashore Design Studio does not recommend wearing your jewelry to bathe or sleep, and chlorinated water can affect silver; some people find that showering in their silver jewelry keeps it cleaner!

Especially if wearing your jewelry as mama metal where children will be handling it, be sure to inspect your jewelry on a regular basis.

Seashore Design Studio’s handmade silver jewelry is heirloom quality, and your fine silver centerpieces should last for years to come. Sterling silver chains and fine silver centerpieces are built to last. We wire carefully making every effort to create a safe and strong piece, and all of our chain links are soldered closed – we don’t use open chain or jump rings. That being said, natural wear and tear can occur on anything. Sometimes a fault in metal will cause an otherwise strong piece of chain to break.

If at any point a piece is damaged in normal wear, please contact us for a complimentary repair. See the FAQ page for our repair policy.