seashore design studio carefree cocoon

Photo courtesy of Carefree Cocoon/Down In My Heart Joy Photography.

Seashore Design Studio has had the pleasure to work with a number of talented individuals and amazing local businesses. Our friends include professional photographers, lifestyle blogs and babywearing woven wrap manufacturers.

Carefree Cocoon

Lifestyle blog featuring in depth babywearing reviews and resources including a wide variety of brands and styles. Seashore Design Studio was absolutely delighted to be featured in a May 2015 review.

Down In My Heart Joy

Lifestyle photographer based in San Antonio, Texas, specializing in maternity, family, birth and breastfeeding photo shoots.

Emmeline Textiles

Woven wraps, ring slings and modern, classy babywearing accessories. Woven and finished in the United States. Seashore Design Studio was pleased to collaborate with Emmeline Textiles to design the exclusive “Emmeline Love” centerpiece and chain set, released with their debut woven wrap, the elegant Eleanor Pearl.