Modular jewelry

seashore design studio modular jewelrySeashore Design Studio’s signature “mix-and-match” modular jewelry style focuses on the ability to easily swap different silver charms, centerpieces and pendants. The same chain can be worn with a wide variety of silver charms or centerpieces, or a single centerpiece can be customized with different length chains or different color gemstones.

Double clasp chains and beaded necklace backs are simple to attach to silver pendants, charms and centerpieces. Since the clasps are in the front of the necklace, they are also easy to get on even for those who struggle with closing small clasps in the back of other necklaces. While our standard clasp is a “small” size, available sizes range from small to extra large, making it effortless to customize the perfect piece for those who benefit from easy to put on front clasps, whether due to age, injury or decreased manual dexterity.

Seashore Design Studio offers handcrafted double clasp chains which easily clip onto fine silver centerpieces, and “standard” single clasp chains that can be worn with any of our pendants. All pendant bails are large enough for the pendant to be removable from the chain for a simple modular jewelry experience.

Imagine the possibilities! Many centerpieces can be worn in more than one configuration. Say goodbye to jewelry boredom; change up your look as often as you’d like with modular jewelry.

All pendants, charms and centerpieces are made from fine silver which is fused or soldered (or a combination) depending on the needs of the piece. Only lead and cadmium free solders are used, and each piece is thoroughly cleaned, textured and polished without the aid of any harsh chemicals.

We are proud to source our materials from United States based companies and offer handmade in America silver jewelry, handcrafted in Long Island, New York.