The Process

seashore design studio handmade silver jewelryEach fine silver centerpiece, pendant and charm at Seashore Design Studio is made by hand, one at a time with utmost care and attention from start to finish. Each piece of handmade heirloom quality silver jewelry begins as wire on a coil which is cut and shaped, then fused and/or soldered, textured and polished. The result is a smooth and strong piece that is both timeless and long wearing.

Many designed are fused, however some utilize lead-free and cadmium-free silver solder. Similar to the fused pieces, these soldered pieces are then cleaned thoroughly, textured and polished for high shine with no chemical residue.

Designs may be replicated, but no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Each piece will have it’s quirks and beauty marks which add to the organic beauty of hammered silver.

While Seashore Design Studio’s individual fine silver centerpieces, pendants and sterling silver chains are perfect for mixing and matching, one can easily choose a favorite and wear that single set for any and every occasion. Each handcrafted piece is as unique and individual as the person wearing it.

We hope you enjoy your special jewelry by Seashore Design Studio. Normal variations and differences are to be expected, however we do not compromise on quality. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Each piece is handcrafted with love in Long Island, New York.