Mixing and matching

generations mama metal modular jewelry seashore design studioMuch of the jewelry I offer through Seashore Design Studio falls under the category of “mama metal”. In order to qualify, pieces need to be strong and sturdy in construction, with no loose pieces or parts and smooth edges. Basically, they need to be pretty enough for daily wear, strong enough to withstand grabby baby hands, and smooth enough that there’s no chance of scratches or snags.

The double clasp element is present in much, but not all mama metal. This allows major customization; one chain can be worn with any number of different centerpieces or pendants.

That means that with one chain, and just two centerpieces, you have 2 different looks. Clip your clasps in different places on a centerpiece and suddenly you have even more unique looks. If you add in additional charms or centerpieces, another chain style or a double clasp beaded necklace, that’s even more ways to wear your favorite pieces.

So yes, this style of jewelry is a favorite among moms looking for an attractive alternative to chunky nursing necklaces, but it can also be a great choice for creative types who just like options! Many pieces can be slipped onto a standard chain too, so they can be worn in several configurations.

Another notable feature is the ease of wear. Front closing necklaces may be easier for some people to put on and take off, and the availability of larger clasps makes them perfect for those who struggle with manual dexterity.

I love mixing and matching my pieces! My own stash includes different style chains (made by me) and a selection of centerpieces, charms and connectors, some of which I’ve made, some of which were made by other amazingly talented artisans.

What was this post all about? Well, you’ve read through the long answer here, so here’s the short answer…

Don’t let the term “mama metal” fool you, mixing and matching jewelry is fun for everyone!

See what we have available at seashoresilverjewelry.com and seashoredesignstudio.etsy.com!

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