seashore design studio mama metalStylish, sturdy jewelry for caretakers of small children or those who love options. Pretty enough for everyday wear, strong enough to withstand curious little hands.

While a nursing necklace can be a great option to keep little hands busy when being worn, held, or fed, the typical wood and silicon beaded styles may not be to everyone’s liking. For those who prefer a more streamlined look, Seashore Design Studio offers mama metal/caregiver jewelry.

Pair your favorite centerpiece with the perfect length chain for a sturdy silver necklace that gives the appearance of a fashion forward statement piece, while offering the durability of a traditional nursing necklace.

Centerpieces can be single shape charms, dangling pendants, or multi-shape creations. Each Seashore Design Studio necklace is typically made up of two pieces, the centerpiece and the chain. These pieces are sold separately, allowing the wearer to choose the perfect fine silver centerpiece, and the right length and color accent chain for a perfectly personalized piece.

Most Seashore Design Studio fine silver centerpieces, charms and pendants are suited for wear with double clasp chains, where the clasps are worn in the front of the necklace, attached to the centerpiece. Many centerpieces can be worn in a number of ways, whether the wearer chooses to clip the clasps to different shapes, or slip the centerpiece onto a simple chain to be worn vertically instead.

Centerpieces are typically linked shapes ranging from 2-5 pieces, with or without smaller “chime” shapes hanging. Charms are typically single shapes which may have chime shapes or other shapes within. The measurements of each piece depends on the design and number of links.

Wear a centerpiece and double clasp chain on it’s own, or layer it with a traditional nursing necklace to suit the needs of stylish caretakers and little ones who love to chew and play.

Most fine silver centerpieces, charms and pendants begins as 14 gauge fine silver wire (some are slightly thicker 12ga, or utilize segments of slightly thinner wire). Want to learn more about the process? Read about how this handmade and unique jewelry is created here.

Seashore Design Studio offers a standard line of mix and match centerpieces and pendants. Choose from our signature designs, or contact us to discuss your own custom design. We love doing custom designs and would be happy to discuss your ideas.

Most centerpieces and pendants are 14ga fine silver, unless otherwise specified. Linked shapes turn and tumble when worn; multi-shape linked pieces can be worn in a variety of configurations with a double clasp chain, limited only by your imagination.

Want to know more? Signature designs are available for purchase in the Seashore Design Studio Etsy shop, which you can see right here.