seashore design studioIn addition to mama metal/caregiver jewelry necklaces, Seashore Design Studio offers a selection of custom and ready-to-ship bracelets, earrings and rings to coordinate with our other offerings.

Every piece of Seashore Design Studio jewelry is lovingly handcrafted. Enjoy a variety of handmade silver jewelry for daily wear or special occasions.

In sterling and fine silver, attractive bracelets are available in a variety of styles from charm-and-chain to bangles. We can personalize sizes and styles to make a perfect fit for any style, budget and wrist size!

We love earrings! We specialize in lightweight, easy to wear designs that can be worn for day-to-day activities or special occasions. Earwires include stylish handmade styles, sterling silver and affordable silver plated fish hook styles. We love incorporating gemstones and pearls for a pop of color.

Seashore Design Studio also offers handmade rings, and a variety of necklaces and pendants that while always made to the highest standards of quality, may contain elements that make them less ideal for wear where children are expected to touch them. Gemstone accents, bezel set cabochons, and hand cut sterling silver shapes are favorites around here, but should be reserved for non-mama metal wear.

See what’s in our Etsy shop, or contact us to design your perfect piece!