seashore design studio double clasp mama metalSeashore Design Studio specializes in mix-and-match jewelry that the wearer can personalize by choosing the perfect pieces to pair. Our fine silver centerpieces are sold individually, as are our sterling silver double clasp chains.

Seashore Design Studio double clasp sterling silver chains are strong and sturdy, suitable for everyday wear or for use with mama metal/caregiver metal. All connections are secure with no open rings or unfastened pieces; all wire pieces are carefully trimmed and tucked to avoid pesky edges.

Double clasp chains close in the front, clipping easily onto either side of fine silver centerpieces and charms. Because of this, they are easy to put on, even for those individuals who struggle to reach to close traditional rear-closing necklaces.

Mama metal/caregiver metal is the perfect choice for caretakers of small children. These necklaces provide a stylish option for the wearer, and can keep little hands busy when being worn, carried, or fed.

Our standard clasp measures 11.3mm, larger than many clasps seen on other jewelry so as to accommodate the fine silver centerpiece. Larger clasps are available by request for those with dexterity issues or who simply prefer a chunkier clasp.

Seashore Design Studio sterling silver double clasp chains are made to last, utilizing quality sterling silver materials chosen specifically for their strength and durability. We offer a number of double and single clasp chain styles in a variety of sizes, and can customize lengths and gemstone accents.

Ready-to-ship chains are often available in the Seashore Design Studio Etsy shop.