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Here you’ll find some answers to frequently asked questions. Curious about something else? Feel free to send a message with your questions.

How does modular jewelry work?

Most of Seashore Design Studio’s necklace pieces are modular, meaning that they can be taken apart for mixing and matching. We offer both double clasp chains (where the clasps are attached to a centerpiece instead of worn in the back and easily removable) and standard single clasp chains that a pendant or charm can be slipped onto. All of our pieces with a bail are large enough to be easily removed from your basic chain so that they can be worn in a number of ways.

What do these words mean?

We may use some terms you’re unfamiliar with, so to break it down:

  • Centerpiece – a fine silver design that can be added to a chain, and served as the central design element
  • Double clasp chain – a sterling silver chain with two clasps that can be clipped onto a centerpiece, or onto a small charm to convert it to a “standard” chain
  • Standard chain – a typical chain with one clasp and a ring to close
  • Pendant – a fine silver design whose main purpose is to dangle from a chain
  • Nape charm – a small charm, typically .5-.75″ which can be worn with a double clasp chain as a simple adornment, or used to attach the two clasps to; nape charms provide a stylish alternative to simply clipping the two clasps together and can be worn with our Simply Circles and Squared Up bracelets as well.

What is this jewelry made of?

Our centerpieces, charms and pendants are made of primarily 14ga fine silver that has been fused or soldered, then hammered for texture and strength, and polished for shine and durability. Thinner metals may be used for accents and connecting pieces, and mixed metal (including gold fill and copper) pieces are sometimes offered. Chains and clasps are sterling silver, and all accent beads are genuine gemstones. Any deviation from these materials will be listed.

Can I wear this as mama metal/caregiver jewelry?

Most Seashore Design Studio necklaces are compatible with “mama metal” wear. Our centerpieces are generally made from 14ga fine silver, and our standard clasps are 11.3mm (larger available by request) which fit easily onto our 14ga pieces. Most of our chains are constructed to withstand some tugging and fiddling from little fingers. Each shop listing will specify if the item is suitable for mama metal wear. Want to know more about mama metal/caregiver jewelry? We’ve laid it all out for you here.

Can my child wear/play with this jewelry?

Please do not let children wear or play with your jewelry when you are not wearing it. If little ones are playing with your necklace while you are wearing it, be sure to inspect it on a regular basis for signs of wear or damage.

How do I clean my jewelry?

Silver naturally tarnishes, but can easily be cleaned in a number of ways. Many people find that their silver stays shiny when they wear it, but tarnishes when it is left to sit. When not wearing your silver, keep it in an airtight bag (even a jewelry box will do to limit air flow) with one of the black anti-tarnish tabs included with each of our orders.

If you do begin to notice tarnish on your silver (a gold, grey or black tint to it), water and dish soap will remove everyday build up then follow up with a gentle silver cleaner or a silver polishing cloth to shine. Need more details? Visit this page for more on caring for your silver jewelry.

Is this jewelry strong?

Yes! Every piece is heirloom quality, made to last for many years. Fine silver centerpieces are sturdy and we use strong chains and careful construction for maximum durability. Most of Seashore Design Studio’s jewelry can be worn in the “mama metal” style, smooth and strong and suitable for wear with young children. Mom or caretaker can wear attractive jewelry without fear of it being broken by curious hands in normal wear.

While sturdier than many fine jewelry pieces, our jewelry is not meant to be weight bearing; children can happily fiddle and play, but should be discouraged from heavy pulling both for the sake of your jewelry’s safety and your own comfort! Refer to the next question for more details.

Does that mean this jewelry is unbreakable?

No, it isn’t. We pay special attention to the details, making sure centerpieces and pendants are smooth and strong, and taking extra care to be sure all wires are trimmed and pressed flat. This jewelry is made to stand up to the demands of everyday wear, but are not meant to bear weight. Metal can compact with time and wear, and chains can have invisible flaws that can cause breakage with enough force. While your piece is unlikely to break, it is possible; if it does happen, please contact Seashore Design Studio regarding repair.

What if my jewelry is damaged?

Your centerpiece or pendant is 100% guaranteed and will be repaired or replaced free of charge in the unlikely event it is damaged. Chain repairs are often complimentary; in other cases the customer is responsible only for shipping and materials costs, if applicable. It is the customer’s responsibility to safely ship the damaged piece back to us for repair.

What length chain do I need?

The answer to this questions depends on your size and needs. Keep in mind when purchasing a double clasp chain and centerpiece that the completed necklace length measures chain + centerpiece. So a 16″ chain paired with a centerpiece that measures 2″ will result in an 18″ total necklace length. Custom lengths are available, or consider a convertible chain for several wear options.

Can I sleep and shower in my jewelry?

We generally do not recommend sleeping, bathing or swimming in your jewelry, however there is no reason that fine or sterling silver should be damaged by regular water – some customers even say that silver jewelry they bathe in stays cleaner! Please use your discretion when choosing to sleep or bathe in your jewelry.

Do you accept custom orders?

Seashore Design Studio does accept custom orders for centerpieces, chains, bracelets and earrings. Existing pieces can often be customized, and new pieces can be designed to the customer’s specifications.

How do custom orders work?

If you are interested in a custom design, send a message with your idea or a quick sketch. We will get back to you, and once a design is agreed upon, we may request a deposit while the item is being created.

We reserve the right to refuse a custom design request; we will not take on requests that we do not feel we can adequately complete. We will never duplicate a customer’s original design without permission, however variations on a concept may be used. Kindly do not ask us to replicate another artist’s design and do not take Seashore Design Studio designs to other artists.

Can I return an item if I change my mind?

Due to the highly customized and individualized nature of our work, we do not accept returns. We try to adequately photograph and describe items in sales listings. If you have any concerns, just ask! We’d be happy to discuss your thoughts or concerns.

There’s an uneven spot on my silver – is it broken?

Please note that each piece is handmade to order and may differ slightly from the items pictured. Slight uneven spots and irregularities are normal and do not compromise quality. Each piece is inspected before leaving the studio. If you notice a slight irregularity, that’s just a sign that your piece is handmade and one of a kind.

What is this little black thing that came with my order?

Each order includes a complimentary Intercept Anti Tarnish Tab. A special coated paper meant to absorb the compounds that cause tarnish, simply remove it from the plastic bag it came in and close it in a bag or box with clean silver jewelry to keep it tarnish free for up to a year.

How long will it take for my new jewelry to arrive?

Made to order items are generally ready to ship in 3-5 business days. Domestic shipping is typically 2-5 days delivery time from the date of shipping. Be sure to check the estimated shipping times before purchasing. If you have a deadline, feel free to reach out to inquire about current production times.

How will my jewelry arrive?

Each Seashore Design Studio piece is shipped First Class via USPS (unless another method is requested) in a padded envelope. Your jewelry will arrive attractively packaged, ready for you to enjoy or gift.

Do you solder or fuse your jewelry?

We utilize both fusing and soldering, based upon the needs of the design. We use only lead free/cadmium free silver solder and natural cleaning and polishing solutions so no harmful chemical residues are left on the silver. Currently, The Dreamer, Waterlily and Moon Phase centerpieces utilize soldering.

Does this jewelry move?

Double clasp necklaces tend not to turn like standard chains, as all the weight is in the front. If a pendant or charm is worn on a standard chain, it can be expected that the chain will turn as with any other necklace. Linked shape centerpieces will turn and tumble as worn, and therefore will not always sit the same. Centerpieces labeled as “chimes” have additional small shapes that will move around while being worn, making delicate sounds.

How do I contact Seashore Design Studio with questions?

Send an e-mail to seashoresilverjewelry [at], contact us via the Etsy shop, or send a message on Facebook.