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Mama Metal

“Mama metal” is a popular style of jewelry that is made strong and sturdy to withstand wear around even the grabbiest babies and toddlers.

Seashore Design Studio mama metalMoms and caretakers get to wear stylish and attractive jewelry that looks like “real” jewelry (as opposed to chunky wood or silicone baby safe necklaces), and the jewelry is made to withstand being tugged and played with. Busy baby hands mean less scratches and hair pulls for mommy when being fed, carried or worn in a carrier.

Sterling silver chains and fine silver centerpieces are individual pieces that can be easily interchanged. Careful finishing provides jewelry with no sharp or rough edges, and strong chains and sturdy construction make it unlikely for the jewelry to be damaged even with demanding daily wear. Seashore Design Studio mama metal centerpieces are made of 14ga fine silver, and we offer fused and soldered designs. No chemicals or harsh solvents are used in the cleaning and finishing of our jewelry.

Great for babywearing and feeding, mama metal provides mothers and caretakers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful jewelry that helps keep little fingers busy, and is built to last so it can be enjoyed long after those little ones have grown. All Seashore Design Studio jewelry is heirloom quality; it should last for years and years of enjoyment with just an occasional cleaning to shine up the silver.

Mama metal chains and centerpieces are made strong so that little hands can fiddle and tug, but just because they can withstand some pulling doesn’t mean you want them to. Use gentle redirection to encourage little ones to play with the centerpiece rather than pulling hard, as it can get uncomfortable for the wearer. A slightly longer chain than usual can also allow more space for fiddling and lessen pressure on the back of the neck.

Please, always use common sense when wearing jewelry around young children. Mama metal is meant for caretakers and is not meant to be a toy or accessory for children to wear. While there are no harmful chemicals or residue on centerpieces and chains, they are not meant to be mouthed or chewed on; a quick mouthing won’t hurt, but these should not be used as teething toys.

Though mama metal is made to be handled, it is not indestructible. Metals can compact and weaken with normal wear. Be sure to inspect your jewelry on a regular basis if little hands are on it, and contact us for a repair if you have any issues.

Now you know what mama metal is, but what about all the rest? Visit the FAQ page for more.

Note from the designer: The commonly used term for this style of jewelry is “mama metal”. While I personally prefer to use the more inclusive term “caregiver jewelry”, by utilizing the internet as my main means of driving sales, I have to use keywords people are searching for. I do not believe that this jewelry is only for mothers, or only for individuals who identify as female.