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Handmade silver jewelry

The pendant is made of 14ga silver which has been hammered to give a faceted, reflective finish. A teardrop shaped bail boasts a nearly .4″ open space, allowing you to easily slip the pendant onto nearly any chain and even some small beaded necklaces. Lustrous white freshwater pearls of 6-7mm are hand wired onto the pendant. The silver portion measures just under 1.25″, with the total length including the three pearls between 1.5″ and 1.75″ depending on the letter.

The pendant is typically made of fine silver with sterling loops and bail; other letters may be made of sterling due to strength and durability (open letters like L, C, G, etc are better suited to sterling). If fine versus sterling is a concern, please feel free to contact us before ordering.

Patterned after the necklace worn in the most recognizable portrait of Queen Anne Boleyn, this piece is a longtime interest and passion of mine. I have been making a similar design in various materials for over 12 years. It is truly special to me to be able to offer this design in silver. This pendant is a sleek, modern take on the historical design while still staying true to look of the original.

Wear your custom Anne Boleyn style pendant on a favorite chain or small beaded necklace, or order with a handmade pearl accented chain featuring hand wired 3-4mm freshwater pearls dispersed at intervals throughout the chain. Requested lengths are met as closely as possible; certain lengths are difficult to achieve with even distribution, so extra pearls may be added near the clasp and ring closure.

Looking for a different length? Please send a message before ordering with your request.

Each Seashore Design Studio custom Anne Boleyn inspired letter pendant comes with a silver polishing cloth so you can keep your silver shiny without damaging your pearls (most standard silver cleaners will strip the pearls’ natural coating).

Production time: 1-2 weeks from date of order


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