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Handmade silver jewelry

A double clasp chain makes a perfect pair with Seashore Design Studio mama metal/caregiver jewelry! Wear with a centerpiece or charm for a sturdy and stylish family necklace. Silver nursing necklaces are a simple and elegant alternative, and removable chains offer plenty of wearing options.

A convertible length double clasp sterling silver chain is the perfect “one and done” chain, with multiple wearing options. Pair with a favorite centerpiece for a durable custom mama metal/caregiver jewelry look, or enjoy it for it’s versatility.

Sturdy 3.7mm sterling silver cable chain is carefully wired to generous sized oval lobster claw clasps which fit onto all our centerpieces and charms. Choose your custom fine silver nape charm (the removable charm) and integrated ring shape (the tiny shape between chain segments).

Wearing options:

  1. wear full length with clasps on a centerpiece for a 32″ chain length
  2. wear looped through a centerpiece and clipped to integrated rings in both side for a 24″ chain length, or on one side for a 28″ chain length
  3. wear doubled with centerpiece looped on both sides for a 16″ chain length
  4. wear full length with a pendant using the enclosed chain

Bead accents:

When making your purchase choices, please be sure to specify what type of bead accent you’d like. A single bead on either side can be done in any color/gemstone in stock. Multiple beads can be alternating, in ombre, or in specific colors. More customized options are also available by request.

Production time: 3-5 days after order


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