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Sterling silver threader earrings

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Lightweight sterling silver threader earrings featuring gemstones in a bold color block pattern.

• made of 20ga sterling silver, these threader earrings should fit standard lobe piercings; each earwire is formed by hand and lightly textured

• three beads can move but not fall off; easy on and off design for comfortable wear

• about 1.25" total length with a long shapely back that holds the earring in the lobe

Choose from pink/purple (amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz), blue (lapis lazuli, larimar, aquamarine), or green (tree agate)

Shipping time: typically ready to ship within 1-2 days of order


Seashore Design Studio offers a line of durable handmade necklaces made with busy caregivers in mind. In the popular "mama metal" style, these pieces are smooth and strong, well suited to keeping little fingers busy when being held or fed. Handcrafted heirloom quality pieces are made from fine and sterling silver, and will last for many years of memories.

Please remove your metal before swimming, bathing or sleeping, and be sure to inspect it on a regular basis if little hands are playing with it.

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