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Wild is Good coloring book


Wild is Good: A Coloring Book of Useful Wild Plants is an educational coloring book by Ilana L. Mele features 27 hand drawn images of common useful weeds, with an interesting fact about each.

Wild is Good is a perfect introduction to the world of useful and edible plants; children may recognize backyard favorites like dandelion, wood sorrel and wild violet, as well as flowering plants like chicory and honeysuckle that they've seen growing in parks and along roadways.

Suitable for ages 4+, Wild is Good is an 8.5x11" 36 page coloring book that introduces common wild plants, nearly all of which are edible (this book doesn't go too far into that, we save that for the free printable companion guide for grown ups, which will be emailed to the ordering email address).

It's so important for children to experience and understand the natural world around them. Forest schools and nature classes are on the rise, and with good reason! Knowing the basics of foraging, including safety and plant recognition is so important. Likewise, learning that wild plants (when harvested responsibly) can provide food and medicine is the basis of herbalism and allows children a better understanding of our natural and sociological history, the food chain, and nutrition.

This coloring book helps connect children to the plants they see all around them, forging a relationship with the very land they live on.

Paired with some art supplies, Wild is Good makes the perfect gift for kids who are curious and environmentally aware.

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