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Wire wrapped labradorite pendant

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A wire wrapped teardrop labradorite cabochon pendant with swirling wire detail.

• a lovely teardrop shaped labradorite with rounded front and flat back, with flashes or gold and green

• wrapped in silver plated copper wire; this stone is drilled, so a piece of wire has been placed to hold it extra sturdy in the setting

• a spacious wire bail will accommodate Seashore Design Studio chains and many others

• measures just over 2" total length

This pendant is not meant for use as caregiver jewelry. While the cabochon is held securely in the setting, purposeful bending of the wires could loosen/unseat it.

Shipping time: typically ready to ship within 1-2 days of order


Please remove your metal before swimming, bathing or sleeping, and be sure to inspect it on a regular basis if little hands are playing with it.

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