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Handmade silver jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Seashore Design Studio offers a variety of handmade silver jewelry with plenty of custom options. Find your perfect piece today!

Let’s start with some Seashore Design Studio vocabulary:

  • Double clasp chain – the basis of the majority of Seashore Design Studio necklaces, the double clasp chain is a fully removable custom length chain that clips onto a centerpiece
  • Centerpiece – most often a wire based design consisting of several linked shapes with plenty of open space for a double clasp chain to easily clip onto
  • Charms and pendants – available in a variety of styles, a charm or pendant is a hanging piece supported by a bail which can slip onto a chain (whether a Seashore Design Studio double clasp chain or standard closure chain)

Centerpieces, charms and pendants

Seashore Design Studio handmade silver jewelry

Seashore Design Studio offers handmade fine silver and sterling silver centerpieces, charms and pendants. These pieces are most often sold individually, to be paired with a choice of sterling silver chains and beaded necklace backs. Most are best suited to double clasp chains which close in the front, clipped onto either side of a fine silver centerpiece, however some look just as nice slipped onto a basic chain. Mix and match for endless style choices.

These fine silver pieces are perfect for caretakers of young children – in the popular “mama metal” style, they are smooth and strong, made to look like everyday jewelry but sturdy enough to withstand tugs from curious little fingers. A centerpiece or charm and double clasp chain can be a great choice for keeping babies and toddlers from pulling or scratching when being worn in a carrier or when feeding. Our jewelry is finished to be smooth and safe, strong and sturdy, and is not treated with any harmful chemicals, but should not be used as teething toys. A quick mouthing won’t hurt, but we do not recommend that little ones be allowed to chew on the necklaces. Please note that mama metal/caregiver jewelry necklaces are meant for caretakers to wear, not to be worn by the child.

Sterling silver chains

A selection of sterling silver chains are available to be paired with our fine silver centerpieces, pendants and charms. Sterling silver double clasp chains clip easily onto either side of our centerpieces and are exceptionally easy to put on even for those who struggle to reach to close traditional necklaces. With a variety of bead accents and lengths available, you’re sure to find the perfect chain to pair with your chosen centerpiece.

Handmade jewelry

Seashore Design Studio is proud to offer a selection of fine and sterling silver bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Some of our styles are made to order, while others may be in stock and ready to ship. All styles can be ordered in custom sizes.

We love long earrings but hate the weight that often comes with them, so we’ve designed a selection of lightweight and easy to wear earrings that pack a visual punch without weighing you down.

The Boleyn B

A long time favorite of the designer, Seashore Design Studio offers an attractive silver version of the famous B portrait seen in Queen Anne Boleyn’s best known portrait. Featuring petite freshwater pearls and a roomy bail, this custom pendant is available in a choice of letter and adds some historically inspired flair to any outfit with plenty of wearing options.