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Seashore Design Studio silver fidget spinner necklace for adultsSeashore Design Studio silver sensory jewelry, fiddle charms, or “fidget spinner necklaces” provide a stylish and discreet option.

Many people find that fiddling or fidgeting helps them to focus or settle. Seashore Design Studio specializes in sturdy silver jewelry that is meant to be played with, and many designs that make a soft chiming sound as the links move, making them a great choice for providing extra sensory input.

We’ve designed some special charms with certain criteria in mind:

  • strong; fiddle safely without damaging the charm
  • dynamic; mobile shapes that rotate and spin
  • textured; hammered and smooth portions for varied surfaces
  • versatile; wear on the cord it comes on, or swap to a favorite cord or chain
  • understated; suited for any body regardless of gender

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Sleek, understated designs make Seashore Design Studio fiddle necklaces well suited for use as sensory jewelry for adults.

Sensory input is important, and many people find small, repetitive motions soothing. Each shape on Seashore Design Studio’s specially designed fiddle necklace charms move independently of the others, and smooth versus hammered portions provide extra interest.

Petite in size and made of quality fine silver, our silver sensory jewelry for adults is a discreet option that is made to last, and made to be played with. Elegant and low profile, a silver fiddle charm can be soothing and help with focus for those who require a little extra sensory input.

Note from the designer: I have a tendency to fiddle with my jewelry, whether it’s jiggling a chain, sliding the links on my necklace back and forth, or spinning my bangle bracelets. While all of my “mama metal” pieces can fulfill this purpose, I wanted to design a handful of pieces that were made specifically for this function, small and discreet designs that can be worn by anyone.