Lovingly crafted in Long Island, New York, Seashore Design Studio offers sturdy and stylish handmade silver jewelry made to fit effortlessly into your busy life.

You are unique and versatile and you deserve jewelry to match. Each Seashore Design Studio design is handmade with care, with customization options available to make your jewelry truly speak to your personal style. Mix-and-match different length chains with your favorite centerpieces and charms for complete style flexibility.

Specializing in handmade silver jewelry for caregivers in the “mama metal” style, Seashore Design Studio focuses on durability and versatility.

Seashore Design Studio specializes in the “mama metal” style; this necklace style is made with parents and caregivers in mind. Made of quality materials without the use of harsh chemicals, and meant to withstand the tugging and fiddling that is bound to come with little hands, mama metal/caregiver jewelry is a practical and attractive option for new parents and caregivers. Like a nursing necklace, our sturdy and versatile necklaces can even help distract babies and toddlers from pinching, scratching or pulling when being fed or carried. This stylish alternative to a traditional wood or silicon nursing necklace is a great option for those who prefer a more streamlined look.

Our handmade mama metal/caregiver jewelry necklaces make a great gift for new parents, and are a welcome wardrobe addition for teachers, babysitters, and grandparents. Perhaps best of all, our timeless styles can be worn long after the little ones are grown, so you can enjoy the versatility of your Seashore Design Studio necklace and savor the sweet memories of days past.

Graceful lines, shining silver, and endless possibilities – Seashore Design Studio stands where form and function meet. 

 We offer a selection of heirloom quality handcrafted jewelry designed with you in mind.

Image of a silver Seashore Design Studio centerpiece made of a linked infinity and circles on a piece of driftwood against a sandy background.Seashore Design Studio offers stylish and sturdy customizable handmade jewelry. Learn more about us, our process, and our product.
Two  linked silver teardrops by Seashore Design Studio on a piece of driftwood against a sandy background.Fine silver and sterling silver jewelry with plenty of versatility and style. Find your favorite styles here.
A silver Seashore Design Studio linked circle centerpiece on a piece of driftwood against a sandy background.At Seashore Design Studio, we specialize in heirloom quality jewelry handmade one piece at a time. Take a peek behind the scenes.