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Seashore Design Studio specializes in caregiver jewelry, often known as "mama metal". This style is typically made in silver, with or without a fully detachable double clasp chain, with the goal of providing versatile, sturdy jewelry options for mothers and other caregivers of young children.

At it's core, this type of necklace is a sleek and stylish alternative to traditional "nursing necklaces", which serve the important purpose of keeping baby's hands busy but often look as though they were made for the baby rather than for the wearer.

Enter caregiver jewelry (mama metal). Instead of silicone or wood, this necklace is made of fine or sterling silver in a variety of dynamic designs with fully removable double clasp chains with two lobster claws, one on each end. It's strong and safe for little hands to play with, the links are gently musical as they move, and the look is clearly made to suit the wearer's tastes.

The right necklace keeps baby's hands busy and mama's self safe

Babies have a tendency to grab at whatever they can, and that can include earrings, necklaces, glasses, hair... Then there's the pinching and skin pulling.

So what are you to do? That postpartum period can be difficult enough with physical and emotional changes, a new schedule, constant it really necessary to give up your sense of style until baby is grown enough to stop grabbing?

This is where Seashore Design Studio designer Ilana found herself after her first child accidentally broke more than one of her favorite chains and was not at all interested in silicone nursing necklaces.

And then the lightbulb moment - create a necklace that mommy and baby would both like. Something strong enough to withstand the demands of those sweet baby hands, and pretty enough that she'd be happy to wear it.

Custom handmade jewelry to suit your needs

Seashore Design Studio proudly offers caregiver jewelry (mama metal) with ready-to-ship items, custom and semi custom options. Our handmade jewelry is made with utmost attention and care.

It has been an honor to create handcrafted heirloom jewelry pieces for countless families.

Ready to try your own? Visit the Shop section for double clasp chains and centerpieces, or send a message to discuss a custom order.
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