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Fidget Jewelry

Seashore Design Studio specializes in versatile, dynamic fidget jewelry. These sensory-friendly pieces feature lots of texture and movement, and are perfect for fiddling with to support calm and focus.

In addition to classic Seashore Design Studio silver necklaces, which have always been made to last with sturdy centerpiece construction and durable double clasp chain, we also offer charms and bangles specifically for fidgeting and fiddling.

Traditional fidget jewelry and fidget toys can feel juvenile or out of place, particularly in professional settings. 

That's why we've designed sensory charms and fidget bangles; the sleek, modern styling and versatile wear allow for subtle fidgeting in any setting. No one needs to know that you're quietly rotating the tiny silver rings on your bangle!

Silver fidget jewelry
Our sensory charms are a favorite; open shapes carry lots of texture and easily fit onto nearly any chain or beaded necklace, and the small circles are fun to spin and shift. Choose from circle or teardrop shape here.

Who may benefit from fidget jewelry?

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