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Here you’ll find some answers to frequently asked questions.

Why does Seashore Design Studio offer double clasp chains?

Double clasp chains pair beautifully with our linked centerpieces, and provide several benefits:
What do these words mean?
What materials does Seashore Design Studio use?

The majority of our linked centerpieces are made of fine silver. We also use sterling silver, yellow and rose gold fill, and copper, as well as genuine semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Can I wear this as caregiver jewelry?

Most Seashore Design Studio necklaces are made in the style of caregiver jewelry (often called "mama metal"). This style offers a smooth finish and sturdy construction, allowing even those caring for children who may pull and play with a necklace to wear with confidence that their necklace is stronger than average and unlikely to be damaged.

Can my child wear/play with my necklace?

If you are wearing your necklace and are comfortable, sure! Most Seashore Design Studio necklaces are made to be sturdy and smooth (any that aren't meant for this purpose will be listed as such). Please do not let children wear or play with your necklace when you are not wearing it, and be sure to inspect it regularly for damages.

How do I clean my jewelry?

Silver and copper naturally develop tarnish when exposed to air. Many find that storing their silver in an airtight receptacle (with the black square anti-tarnish tab included with orders) keeps jewelry shiny.

Many things affect tarnish, including air quality and body chemistry. Simple dish soap and water can remove surface grime, but will not restore shine. Polish your jewelry using a gentle chemical cleaner or polishing cloth, or use a bit of toothpaste and rinse well in a pinch!

Never use chemical cleaners on pearls, as it will strip their natural coating!

No cleaner on hand? A solution of hot water and baking soda can remove tough tarnish. Line a glass bowl with aluminum foil, then add hot (but not boiling) water and some baking soda. Add your jewelry. You’ll get a satisfying fizz, and should see noticeably cleaner jewelry. Follow up with a polishing cloth to fully restore shine.

Can I sleep/shower/swin in my jewelry?

We don't recommend it, however your Seashore Design Studio jewelry is unlikely to be damaged. Some people find that their jewelry stays extra clean when worn in the shower. Use your judgement.

Is this jewelry strong?

For the most part, yes! Unless noted otherwise, most of our jewelry is made to caregiver jewelry standards, meaning no open jump rings, sturdy soldered link chains, and thick wires.

Seashore Design Studio necklaces, even the toughest, aren't meant to bear weight, but should stand up to fiddling and gentle tugs from little ones.

Many wearers fine the moving parts of our linked centerpieces provide welcome sensory input, and fiddle with their jewelry regularly!

Is this jewelry unbreakable, then?

No, it isn't. While we take care to use only quality materials and make design choices that will stand up to demanding wear, metal can become brittle over time.

If your Seashore Design Studio jewelry should be damaged in regular wear, please reach out to us for a repair.

What if my jewelry is damaged?

Please reach out so we can fix it for you. In the unlikely even that a centerpiece/pendant is damaged in normal wear, we will replace it.

Chains may break over time, as the metal compacts and gets brittle at pressure points. Most chain repairs are complimentary, with the customer responsible only for shipping costs.

What are these fiddle charms?

Many people find that fiddling or fidgeting helps them to focus or settle.

Seashore Design Studio specializes in sturdy silver jewelry that is meant to be played with, and many designs that make a soft chiming sound as the links move, making them a great choice for providing extra sensory input.

We've designed special charms with certain criteria in mind:

What length chain do I need?

Your full necklace length will be the length of the chain plus the length of the centerpiece, so be sure to account for both.

Choose a length that is comfortable for you, measuring with an existing necklace, soft measuring tape, or string if you are unsure.

Does Seashore Design Studio offer custom orders?

Yes, we do. Custom orders are welcome.

We reserve the right to refuse a custom design request; we will not take on requests that we do not feel we can adequately complete. We will never duplicate a customer’s original design without permission, however variations on a concept may be used. Kindly do not ask us to replicate another artist’s design and do not take Seashore Design Studio designs to other artists.

Do you accept returns or offer exchanges?

Due to the highly customized and individualized nature of our work, we do not accept returns. We try to adequately photograph and describe items in sales listings. If you have any concerns, just ask! We’d be happy to discuss your thoughts or concerns.

Under certain circumstances, we can accommodate exchanges (example: exchanging a chain for a different length).

There's an uneven spot on my silver - is it broken?

Slight uneven spots and irregularities are normal and do not compromise quality. Each piece is inspected before leaving the studio.

If you notice a slight irregularity, that’s just a sign that your piece is handmade and one of a kind.

What is the little black square that came with my order?

Each order includes a complimentary Intercept Anti Tarnish Tab. A special coated paper meant to absorb the compounds that cause tarnish, simply remove it from the plastic bag it came in and close it in a bag or box with clean silver jewelry to keep it tarnish free for up to a year.

How long will it take for my new jewelry to arrive?

Ready to ship items typically ship within 1-2 business days. Listings offer a general idea of production times, however if timing is a concern, please feel free to contact us.

We make every effort to ship as soon as possible, and cannot take responsibility for delivery time once an item is handed off to USPS.

How will my jewelry arrive?

Each order is packed in a branded muslin bag with a business card, anti tarnish tab, and care card, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a padded bubble mailer.

Does this jewelry move?

Double clasp chains paired with centerpieces do not turn like standard chains do, because the weight is at the front. You may however, find the linked shapes in a centerpiece turning and tumbling in wear.

Questions or concerns?

Please feel free to visit the Contact page and send Seashore Design Studio a message.
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