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Evil eye gemstone beaded bracelets


A beaded gemstone bracelet with glass evil eye beads and gemstone beads with sterling silver clasp and ring closure.

• 4mm round gemstone beads individually knotted between each bead with 6mm flat coin glass evil eye beads at center

• a single sterling lobster claw clasp with handmade triple ring petite extender for adjustable 7.25-8" wear

• choose from the following:

1) red - coral, moonstone, carnelian
2) blue - sesame jasper, turquoise, lapis lazuli
3) purple - amethyst, rose quartz

The concept of the evil eye spans many languages and cultures, and is known as the ayin hara in Hebrew, the malocchio in Italian, the nazar in Arabic, and many others. The evil eye is believed to be bad luck caused by an ill wish or jealousy. Evil eye beads, like those used for these bracelets, are worn as an amulet to deflect negative energy.

Shipping time: typically ready to ship within 1-2 days of order


Seashore Design Studio offers a line of durable handmade necklaces made with busy caregivers in mind. In the popular "mama metal" style, these pieces are smooth and strong, well suited to keeping little fingers busy when being held or fed. Handcrafted heirloom quality pieces are made from fine and sterling silver, and will last for many years of memories.

Please remove your metal before swimming, bathing or sleeping, and be sure to inspect it on a regular basis if little hands are playing with it.

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